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  • Korotkova Yelyzaveta(コロトコヴァ エリザベータ)さんの日本生活のはじまり

Korotkova Yelyzaveta(コロトコヴァ エリザベータ)さんの日本生活のはじまり

I was born on July 15, 1999 in a beautiful city in the east of Ukraine, which has the proud name “the city of a million roses” – Donetsk. The brightest memories I have in my memory are connected to this place. From a young age I traveled with my parents across Europe, but I was endlessly happy every time to return home to my native land, our cozy and bright house . Looking back, I have no regrets. And if I had the chance to choose another life, I wouldn’t. The perfectly ordinary and slightly carefree days I had lasted until February 2014. At the time, I was 14 y.o. And time has stopped. The troops of the aggressor country (Russia) have entered my city. They destroyed it with an endless number of missiles and shells fired. For eight years now. Even now. Now too. The fear that enveloped people, the grief of losing loved ones, homes…

私は、1999 年 7 月 15 日に、「100 万本のバラの街」と呼ばれるウクライナ東部の美しい街、ドネツクで生まれました。ドネツクは、明るい思い出が詰まった場所でした。幼い頃から両親と一緒にヨーロッパ中を旅しましたが、故郷である居心地の良い明るい家に帰るたびに、いつも幸せを感じていました。






The bright, once prosperous city, with its unique atmosphere and full of resources, has become a place where one cannot return. Broken, sad, stranger. The last time I went there to visit relatives who didn’t have the opportunity to leave, I was amazed. My heart was breaking. It’s not my town anymore. He was taken from us.